Why Good Things Happen When You Least Expect It

Have you ever noticed that whenever you want something very badly, it never comes, yet when you have rather forgotten about it, and are not even thinking about it, nor searching for it, BAM! There it is!? I have experienced this on so many different levels, in differing circumstances in my own life than you could ever even imagine. It turns out there is an actual title to this process, within the natural law of attraction in the Universe. It is living your life thru what is known as Universal Intention. Before I get into the explanatory behind this process, let me illustrate a personal example that happened to myself and my husband, that I believe, demonstrates this first hand.

Back in 2016, we started the process of looking for a house. We were living in a townhouse condominium with high cathedral style ceilings. I have degenerative disc damage in my back, and the stairs leading up to our bedroom were killing me. I knew I had to sell, and get out-into a nice, 1 level Ranch style home. We looked, and looked, and looked some more (honestly surprised our realtor did not fire us at the time), until finally, we gave up. I cannot even express the frustration that we experienced each and every time, we looked at a home, and with it, came a mountain of things that either needed to be fixed, or it was not the right location, or it didn’t have what we wanted, or it literally just ‘did not feel right’. We told our realtor we were done, walked away out of sheer frustration from the search, and resigned ourselves to the fact that we would probably be living in the condo for a long time to come (and I would have to be increasing my chiropractor visits!)

Flash forward, a whole year later to December, 2017. We had just started loosely talking about possibly starting to look again. I would not call this serious in the least. We were scarred from the previous search, and nothing at that point was serious by any means. One day, when I was sitting at my desk, during an hour, where a client had cancelled their appointment, I decided just for kicks, to do a search on my computer. ‘Ranch homes for sale’ in the area we had previously been targeting. It was more for laughs than anything else. This was after all, the holidays, a terrible time for anyone to be looking for a house, and I was just curious what was out there, (or still out there as it turned out).

For about 20 minutes, I scrolled thru house after house (most of which were ones we had looked at a whole year before!), that were STILL on the market. I wasn’t discouraged though… because remember, I was not really looking. It was downright comical. And then, just as I was about to click off of my screen and whatever site I was on, a pop- up message appeared. ‘Just went live this morning, 100% ripped up and renovated ranch home- a must see’. Curious, I clicked on it, and to this day, I will never forget saying out loud to myself, ‘Oh my God.. what? How? My life is about to change….’ I immediately sent it to my husband, who said, ‘that is my dream neighborhood… wow’.

2 months later, we closed on the sale of it, sold my condo, and the rest they say is history. What changed? Well, as with so many other past examples in my life, I will tell you what changed. We stopped looking. There were no expectations, no disappointing factors because of it, and the universe answered. Not us. Unlike a year before when we had searched and searched, this time, we had given it away, and the house (literally) presented itself.

When you work within the Universal Law of Intention, you stop the experience of wishing and wanting, and complaining, and allowing emotion to get the best of you. You put your faith and your trust in God, the higher power, the Universe (whatever you believe in), to guide the process. It is basically saying to said deity: ‘You know what I want. I can’t force it to happen. I trust that you will present it when the time is right’.

There are SO many examples I could give on this one. Dating anyone? I hear it all the time. Getting on dating app after dating app, blind date after blind date, searching and searching and hunting and hunting. And mountains of frustration in the process. Then, BAM! One day, there is your partner… when you least expected it.
I have come to believe, based on my example with the house (and there truly are so many others I could give, just in my own life), that the Universal Law of Intention is the way.

Stop looking so hard and trying so hard. Whatever deity you hold to, knows your goals, knows your wants, and knows your needs. Give it away so to speak, and see what happens 😊