Changing Jobs-Should I?

It seems that as of late, there is a common theme running throughout my office. Many folks are considering the need to change jobs-or change their profession all together. Because of this, I decided to make this blog-about just that-changing jobs/careers, and when to know that you absolutely need to.

I was once there myself. Stuck in a go nowhere situation, where I was becoming increasingly miserable, and my health was being affected. Towards the end of my time with this particular organization, I developed a skin infection that dermatologists could not even define. Rounds and rounds of medications, a biopsy, return visits to Dr. after Dr, and I never did get an official diagnosis or answer. It reoccurred several times before I left the organization-and funny thing is, it has never returned since (knock on wood 😊). All the Dr’s could tell me, is that whatever amount of stress I was under that was causing this-I needed to get rid of it- and pronto. Our skin is our largest organ. When the body is under duress, and infection, it can attack upon itself via the skin. Makes complete sense (though not fun to experience at the time).

For years I told myself that it was just my imagination, and that things would get better. They never did-they just kept getting worse and worse. I see many folks doing the exact same thing that I did-telling themselves that it will get better, that they should just suck it up, and that they can never find something better. You can play this game with yourself for a long time (trust me, I did it), but when your health starts to become affected, it is a whole different story. No amount of money, benefits, whatever the case may be-is worth compromising your health.

So, how do you know if you should stay at the job, and give it a chance, or-it is definitively, time to move on?
Here are some general guidelines: (note: if you have most of these, or all of these-you need to get out ASAP). If you have #3 and #7, or both-RUN!

1. You do not feel valued. You are not being appreciated for your hard work and that shows no signs of improving.
2. You are finding that you are constantly negative about the job, complaining, looking for excuses to not go into work, etc.
3. Your health is suffering (big one! As I previously explained from my own personal example).
4. There is no room to advance in the job and/or company.
5. If feels like ‘work’. Like a chore that you dread doing-and it is constant.
6. You are finding yourself more unhappy than happy. Everyone has bad days at work, but darn near 100% of the time, you are not happy-at all.
7. You have a bully as a boss and/or a toxic work environment. Like #3, these 2 are huge red flags-time to get out NOW.

I do want to make it clear that I am never a fan of just quitting a job before landing another one (unless it is so toxic and abusive, it is literally killing you, and you have money in the bank to cushion you for at least 6 months). As a general rule of thumb, if you find that you are answering ‘yes’ to most of these, and especially to #3 and #7, start making finding a new job your -at least, part time job.